The deadline for submitting proposals is March 30, 2018. Provisional acceptance, with any proposal for revision, will be notified by April 25, 2018. The deadline for reception of revised Posters is May 10, 2018. The final acceptance will be notified by June 10, 2014.

Should the scientific reviewer consider the proposal to have exceptional scientific merit, the scientific committee may invite its author or authors to write a short paper, which will be published in addition to the poster in the symposium proceedings ( in this case, additional information about the norms and deadlines will be communicated to the author/authors).


Proposals will be subject to blind peer review.


The poster proposal should be sent to the following email address:


The poster submission should be made individually, by the first author, referring the co-authors if that applies.


The submission is limited to one proposal by author.


The author(s) should ensure the unprecedented character of the theme they present and the intellectual and material property of texts and illustrations. The organization declines any liability related to copyright and related rights.


The author (s) declare that they accept the open access e-book edition of the Book of Proceedings, available through the University of Minho’s official repository (RepositoriUM). The author(s) may also publish its content, on its own initiative and on any digital platform, 3 months after the date of the digital edition.


The Book of Proceedings will be edited by the organization, in predefined design layouts, together with the normalisation of the graphical arrangement of text and graphics in each poster.


The organization committee will provide for the Poster’s printing, according to pre-defined graphical layout.


The non-observance of the graphical and text standards may determine the refusal of the proposed poster.


i - Title
ii - Author(s). The first author must indicate email and institution.
iii - Keywords (up to 3 keywords, which can be composed).
iv - Text. (Up to 1500 words/ 10 000 characters including spaces)


The preferred language is English. The author(s) should prefer the Commonwealth spelling.


The text should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (Times New Roman lettering, size 12, line spacing of 1.5, justify text and paragraph left indentation of 1.5. Subtitles in size 10, bold.)


References should be indicated in the text in Endnotes and must follow the international standard ISO 690 (you can download from the following address):


The maximum number of coloured graphics is 6 and should be delivered in separate files in TIFF and/or PDF format, labelled with the corresponding number of FIGURE (numbered sequentially from 1 to ‘n’), which should correspond to the respective caption on text.
Minimum image size: 32 cm (3780 px) wide x 18 cm (2126 px) height; resolution X 300 Y 300 pixels / in.
If authorship of the illustration is different than the author(s) of the poster, the same must be assigned in the corresponding legend.
The sequential illustration index should be sent in a separate word file (in Times New Roman lettering, size 10)
Indicate in the proposal´s text the recommended place for each illustration.

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