11 (Thursday)


09h00 Registration


10h00 Opening Conference (President of the Martins Sarmento Society,

Rector of the University of Minho, Mayor of Boticas)


10h45 Coffee Break


11h00 Inaugural Conference

Manuel Fernández-Götz

University of Edimburg

"From Iron Age Oppida to Roman Cities: The Transformation of

Cultural Landscapes in Europe (2nd century BC - 2nd century AD)"


12h00 Debate


13h00 / 14h30 Lunch at leisure


14h45 Enrique García Vargas e Eduardo Ferrer-Albelda

 Universidade de Sevilha

“Cultural Change and the transformation of the Landscapes of the

Lower Gudalquivir Valley Between the Republic and the Empire (2nd

century BC. - 2nd century AD)”


15h35 Debate


16h00 Xosé-Lois Armada Pita, Óscar García-Vuelta e Cristina Seoane-Novo

Instituto de Ciencias del Patrimonio/Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Laboratorios de Arqueología/Instituto de Historia/Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas e Grupo de Estudos para a Prehistoria do NW Ibérico/Arqueoloxía, Antigüidade e Territorio/Universidade de Santiago.

“Cultural interaction in times of conflict: metals and rituals in the hillforts of north-western Iberia (2nd-1st centuries BC)”


16h50 Debate


17h15 Gonçalo Cruz

Sociedade Martins Sarmento.

“Northern Portugal in the transition of Era: from the hillforts, through

the oppida, till the roman integration”.


18h05 Debate


18h30 Inauguration of the exhibition “Hillforts of Boticas” in the atrium of the Municipality Hall




12 (friday)


09h30 Registration


10h00 Zóltan Czajlik

Eötvös Loránd University

“Aerial archaeological research of Late Iron Age fortified settlements in Western Hungary (Transdanubia)”


10h50 Debate


11h15 Coffee break


11h30 Steven Willis

University of Kent

"‘Elective Affinity’ and the Iron Fist of Imperialism: Responses in Britain to the advent of Rome"


12h20 Debate


13h00 / 14h30 Lunch at leisure


14h30 Bruno Osório

Unidade de Arqueologia da Universidade do Minho

“The Construction of the Terva Valley’s Cultural Landscape between

the 2nd century B.C. and 2nd century A.D.)”


15h20  Debate


16h00 Closing Conference

Maria Manuela Martins

University of Minho


17h15 / 19h00 Open Poster Luncheon:

Nadir Afonso Art Centre Terrace




13 (Saturday)


Excursion: TVAP Interpretation Centre, Hillfort of Sapelos, Hillfort of Carvalhelhos and Hillfort of Lesenho


Previous registration mandatory



08h30 Departure from Boticas

08h45 TVAP-IC

10h00 Hillfort of Sapelos

11h30 Hillfort of Carvalhelhos

12h30 Hillfort of Lesenho

14h30 Covas do Barroso: closing lunch and presentation of the Book of Proceedings of the Symposium*


*Lunch subjected to previous registration and payment of 20.00 € (includes the Book of Proceedings)


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